Sunday, 8 May 2011

0026. Save me Barry

Didyaknow that Robert Sheehan isn't coming back to play Nathan in Misfits. Tragedy. Also the hand/bottom of the gun don't look right but I can't tell what's wrong with them.


  1. This is awesome Rhan. Really like this one, the face and the suit are bo selecta. I see what you mean about the hand. I think it needs to be bigger, its quite small in comparison to the gun and looks a big chubby? Needs more definition maybe? I think this is your best yet! xxxx

  2. Cheers babes. And yeah, I think it probably does, I edited it slightly with a bigger hand and smaller gun handle, but it still doesn't look quite right, so I'm gonna try again and edit this post later with the finished product.